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A five-day jaunt in Champagne involved tasting some of the finest wines from the most prestigious houses, as well as the smaller producers in this historical region; more importantly, I was afforded the opportunity of tasting their wines in magnum (1.5ℓ bottles). Tastings were always accompanied by mind-blowing food matches and some quite influential people. Lasting impressions were the special vintage releases of Tattinger Rosé, Bollinger and those of the smaller Marques, and surely compounded my desire to craft my own sparkling wine, one day in South Africa. After a few stints including Bottelary, Constantia and a job taking me through all winemaking regions of the Cape, I went back to Nuwedam.

With the assistance of a well-known experienced viticulturist, and her unfaltering belief in old bush vines, we slowly began the rehabilitation of our vineyards. She brought with her a fellow believers in these old vines, who crafted one five star stunner after another – either in blends or as single varietal wines from these meager crops – all the while a large illustrious producer who sourced from my vineyard derided the quality of the fruit.

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